Why Pride Month?

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Why do we celebrate pride month?

Stonewall Inn: Where it all started

Pride Month is meant to commemorate the riots that happened on Stonewall, in June 1969.

Why Pride Matters

Pride in different parts of the world

What happened at Stonewall Inn was a catalyst for Pride marches all over the globe. The Pride parade doesn’t happen at the same time in every country, but the spirit is always the same. For example:

  • In Tel Aviv, Israel, Pride happens between June 6 and June 25 and the main march takes place on the last day.
  • In Copenhagen, Pride will take place from August 15 to August 22
  • In Madrid, marches this year will be happening from June 25 — July 3
  • In Paris, events will happen in Le Marais, Paris’ gay district on June 25
  • In Montreal, Pride Festival will take place from August 8 — August 14

Why is Pride important?

The significance of Pride can be different for every LGBTQIA identifying individual around the world, but there’s a message that gathers us all: Keep fighting for our rights.

  • Remember the history of LGBTQ+ activists and what they did, even putting their lives in danger, to accomplish the reality we live in today. And there is SO MUCH MORE TO DO AND SO MUCH MORE TO FIGHT FOR.
  • March for a sense of community — to be together, see each eye-to-eye and remember WE’RE NOT ALONE.
  • To celebrate who we are and to show the world that THIS IS WHAT BEING PROUD OF YOURSELF LOOKS LIKE! No matter what anyone else has to say.
Why Pride Matters

What are your reasons to be proud?

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