Doctor said he’d reduce the price (of abortion) if I had sex with him. Scared, I accepted.

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Stories about abortion from our readers.

abortion is healthcare

When the US Supreme Court overturned the historical 1973 verdict in Roe vs. Wade case, many said that their reproductive rights were attacked.

We look back at the stories our readers shared with us. These stories shook us with terror and sadness.

“The process of seeking an abortion through the government system was harrowing. Every step seems like a deterrent. They require several counseling sessions with providers who are very quick to make snide remarks to shame and belittle your circumstances and choice.”

📍Lusaka, Zambia

“I would love for women who are considering having an abortion to hear that sometimes it’s just a medically mundane process. And it doesn’t always have to be a part of your identity. I always felt guilty that I never considered mine as a significant life event, until I realized I didn’t have to.”

📍United States

“Our much-wanted baby was diagnosed with anencephaly, a fatal condition. We had to arrange for a surgical abortion in a different country. We paid for it ourselves: for flights, hotels, the procedure. We brought home our baby’s remains in our hand luggage and buried them ourselves in secrecy.”


“I was just 16 years old. My partner at the time wasn’t the ideal person…I found a doctor in my community. I told him about my situation and he decided to “help” me. It was a risky situation for him, and I didn’t have the large sum of money he asked for. He said he would reduce the price if I had sex with him. Scared, I accepted.”

📍Tegucigalpa, Honduras

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With the new verdict, would we hear many more such stories? What do you think?

If you or anyone you know has aborted, were your experience similar to these stories?

If you or anyone you know needs information about abortions, head over to our Resource Center.

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